Darkside Creations

  1. Good Morning Beautiful
    2 Shots Of Cream And 2 Scoops of Sugar In Coffee To Kick Start Your Day.
  2. G-Money
    A Beautifully Smooth Vanilla Custard With A Slight Caramel Finish.
  3. Albino Storm
    This Is A Frozen Vanilla Custard.
  4. Valley Frost
    A Mixed Berry Menthol Blend. Crisp And Clean With A Bright Finish.
  5. Saskatoon Berry Pie
    Saskatoon Berries In A Sugar Glazed Crust With A Touch Of Real Whipped Cream.
  6. Ectoplasm
    Sweet Candy Flavor With A Sour Citrus To Balance It All Out.
  7. Vampire Blood
    Combination Of Your Favorite Energy Drink & Plump Juicy Raspberries.
  8. Clearly Blasted
    B.C. Blast But It's Clearly, Prefect Blend, That Raises The Flavour To Next Level.
  9. Freckled Lemonade
    Chilled Strawberry Juice, Coupled With Lemonade That Gives It A Sour Kick.
  10. King's Cream
    Rich And Heavily Flavoured Watermelon Bubblegum With A Touch Of Cream To Enrich The Flavour Profile.
  11. Clearly King's
    King's Cream, But It's Clear, With New Ingredients To Raise The Flavor Profile.
  12. Poof
    Mix Of Sweet Cereal And Milky Goodness Sure To Please All Who Crave A Serious Cereal Vape.
  13. Jedi Slayer
    Chocolate Peanut Butter Flavor, With A Light Banana Finish.
  14. Blue Raspberry
    A Sweet Blue Raspberry Flavor That Will Take You Back To Yesteryear.
  15. Bloody Orange
    Sweet & Juicy Mandarin Orange With A Rich Cream Back Note.
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