Funk Sauce

  1. Pearl Necklace
    Pearl Necklace is a very creamy blend of Coconut, Banana and Vanilla Cream, with a hint of very mild spices.
  2. Pillow Talk
    Plump, Pillowy plumes - perhaps perfectly prepared to tingulate the tasty tongue tip! THAT is what it does to your mouth. The smoothest, creamiest vape around. I designed this one for those of you that want huge clouds, and a slightly sweet and soft vape. Rich vanilla is blended with a variety of sweet creams and the slightest touch of warm spice. I believe Pillow Talk performs its best in a low ohm, Genesis style atomizer with lots of air flow.
  3. Dr. Funkworths
    The follow-up FunkSauce. I knew I had to top myself. Did I? Sweet Bosc Pear with Rich Pastry and Warm Spices. DFOPE (as we like to call it) is such a full vape; tons of bold flavour yet very smooth. The best part about DFOPE is that it vapes great on any style of atomizer, no matter how you vape it.
  4. Half Clever
    I have to give credit where it’s due. I worked with this feller named ‘Chuck’, he says to me, “dude, you’ve got to make a caramel sundae juice” – I says to him I says, “ok, but if I do, you have to think of some half-clever name for it, so it fits into my juice line. I bring him the finished product to try, and ask him what he wants to name it, guess what he picked…durrrrr. Anywho, it’s Vanilla Ice Cream and Creamy Caramel, it’s definitely on the sweet side, but the ratio between creamy and sweet is so perfect, you’ll never get sick of it.
  5. Peachy D:
    Peach Juice, Rich Pastry And Mild Spices.
  6. Funk Daddy Punch
    Whaaa-cha! Honestly, not much to report here, but don’t let that deter you from buying one of the truest fruit punch flavours around. It’s simply a blend of many classic fruits in a fruit punch, that ends up coming out on the tropical side of things. Not too sweet, juuuust right. Vapes great in a genny or silica atty. A must-try for any fruit lover, especially if you enjoy ‘Green Bastard’!
  7. Cordial, Very
    Black Cherry Paired With Funky's Signature Creaminess.
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