G2 Vapor
  1. Cactus Juice
    Sweet and tart oranges and tangerines with a hint pineapple and a lemonade finish.
  2. Dr. Green
    Kiwi, green apple and pear, a fruit lover’s dream.
  3. Blue Raz Pop
    A sweet blue raspberry lollipop
  4. Purple Nurple
    Fresh grapes muddled with honey flowers.
  5. Vazilla
    A true vanilla with a hint of custard and rich buttercream finish.
  6. Drunk Monkey
    Bananas blended with cream and rum. Just like a tasty adult beverage.
  7. Gilligan
    Rich tropical fruits including pineapple, melon and coconut milk.
  8. Pastry Parts
    Rich Strawberry jam baked into the middle of flaky pastry.
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