Liquid Ejuice

  1. Morning After
    You're drifting off to sleep, wrapped in a warm fleece blanket, and your worries are melting away. Morning After is all about comfort: the perfect marriage of crumbled maple oatmeal and smooth butterscotch mixed into milk, with a mild suggestion of banana on top. Its velvety taste pairs perfectly with any manner of dessert. Pure indulgent joy!
  2. Tropics
    Prepare for a cavalcade of vibrant flavours that will satisfy cravings you didn't even know you had! Tropics is a warm, inviting mango smoothie with big flavour, featuring blended notes of candied coconut and juicy peaches. Enjoy a crisp inhale and a full, soothing exhale that will stay with you. Note: giant fruit hats and sunglasses are mandatory!
  3. Nanaberry
    A smoothie in a bottle! This jammy splash of freshly picked strawberries is perfectly complimented by a delightful trace of honeyed Cavendish bananas. Nanaberry boasts a subtle, teasing entry, followed by a lingering swirl of pure fruity goodness that will keep a smile on your face all day long!
  4. Loop Shake
    Breakfast time. Saturday morning cartoons. Rainbow-dyed milk. Relive your youth with this tangy and familiar flavour, which combines your favourite fruity cereal with a hint of rich blueberry. The sharp beginning is complimented by a milky finish. Shake it up: enjoy the sweet scents and bold taste of Loop Shake!
  5. Funnel Cake
    Just hook it up to my veins! A fluffy, freshly made waffle is topped by creamy vanilla ice cream, powdered sugar, juicy strawberries, and a generous layer of whipped cream. Delightfully sweet but not overpowering, Funnel Cake is designed to transport you to a vibrant Wonderland of flavours!
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