Mistr K

  1. CHARM
    Charm your way through your day! A complex blend of fresh apples, combined with an assortment of melons along with a mix of exotic pears were matched in heaven. You'll be turning heads with this one!
  2. GLORY
    Start your day on the right foot! A nice strong cup of coffee matched with a rich and velvety cream, with a bowl of chocolate cereals makes for a complete ''healthy'' breakfast! Give your tastebuds what they need to start de day.
  3. HEX
    The cure for your bittersweet flavor needs. This one is a firm but sweet whiskey concoction. It's strong notes of spirit bring forth the nutty, creamy and genuine canadian maple syrup. The perfect maple whiskey.
  4. KEYS
    Truth is the best Key lime pie is from the Keys. A mix of rich meringue, freshly picked key limes and lemons with a crunchy graham crust brings together the perfect smooth key lime pie flavor.
    Nostalgia will bring back some great memories. Blueberry cobbler just like mom used to make, from the very natural blueberry blend and the intricate blend of sugars, crusts and batters. Real blueberries with real cake.
    A refreshing mixed drink flavour that will leave you wanting more. Its mellow flavour of gin combined with fresh squeezed lemons and limes, a touch of tonic water and a tiny hint of mint.
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