1. Creamfields
    Creamfields consists of a blueberry waffle with nuances of graham cracker, hints of maple syrup, accents of Bavarian creams, and delicate notes of strawberry shortcake topped with whip cream.
  2. The Fillmore
    This flavor consists of three peaches, ranging from the juicy middle to the perfectly ripe skin, coupled with an additional double Mango. It is drizzled in two separate vanillas and finished off with multiple sweet creams.
  3. The Garden
    The Originals only found it suiting to create The Garden in its honor, an amazing flavor consisting of two varieties of fresh apples married together with buttery cinnamon, brown sugar, honey, and pear.
  4. The Shrine
    The Shrine by The Originals is set to be nothing less than a classic with its amazing flavor combination. We have melded a buttery, golden graham cracker with a delicious cinnamon Danish, topped with accents of a warm Cinnabon to create this irresistible treat.
  5. Radio City
    Red velvet cake layered with buttercream, Bavarian cream, and delicious cream cheese icing, this sensuous blend of flavor was created as a tribute to New York’s Radio City Music Hall. Perfect for a night on the town or alone with your thoughts!

The Originals

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