The Standard Vape

  1. Frankenvape
    Kiwi And Marshmallow, Brand's Top Seller.
  2. F.U.E.S.
    Creamy Custard Classified As A Dessert Vape.
  3. Dead Man's Party
    Blend Of Blue Berry And Lemonade.
  4. Curious Jorge
    Banana Flavour, When Steeped Other Flavours Begin To Surface.
  5. Cell Block Four
    Creme Brulee With Small Touches Of Citrus Throughout.
  6. G35
    Tropical Fruit, Coconut With A Slight Hint Of Menthol.
  7. Irie Nights
    Jamaican Rum And Brown Sugar.
  8. Slo Mo
    Orange And Smooth Cream.
  9. Tarter
    Think Neapolitan Ice Cream, mmmmm.
  10. Thumper
    Combination Of Blue Berry And Grape.
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