The Cloud Company

  1. Revel
    An interesting, flavor-morphing liquid—prepare to meet your new All Day Vape. Each inhale brings a new experience: hints of sweet cereal with fresh berries and cream one time, and a beautiful mix of berries and citrus in the next. This is a perfectly balanced, complex liquid that will keep you guessing.
  2. Arise
    Birthed from the fan-favorite Mothers Milk, Arise is pleasant a twist on the original to maximize smoothness and VG.
  3. Billow
    Reminiscent of a Coconut Creme cake drizzled with sweet, salted caramel, Billow provides the smooth, rich flavor that Suicide Bunny has always been known for.
  4. Sky
    This blend of savory, lemon cookie served with rich, sweet, creams are layered to provide a smooth experience.
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