1. Baked Banana
    Enjoy the aroma of tree-ripened bananas, baked slowly with a touch of brown sugar.
  2. Blue Paradise
    Let this wonderful medley of sweet and tart fruit flavors whisk you away to a tropical paradise for blue raspberry lovers!
  3. Taro Vanilla
    Taro and vanilla dance together seductively to bring you this rich and decadent flavor.
  4. Gummy Berry
    This sought after juice delivers a handful of gummy candy flavour that will have you bouncing off the walls.
  5. Lychee Fusion
    Two became one. Lychee and pineapple have been combined to create a potent explosion of flavor unlike any other!
  6. London Fog
    Have a seat and relax while you enjoy this delicious Earl Grey tea and vanilla latte. You deserve it.
  7. Creamy Custard
    Smooth and creamy custard coats your taste buds on the inhale, culminating with a fine French vanilla exhale.
  8. Juicy Bubble Gum
    Fruity and juicy gum flavor for your enjoyment, now with less chewing!
  9. Key Lime Pie
    Refreshing, tart and creamy. Take your time to enjoy this delectable key lime pie on a thin crust of graham cracker crumbs.
  10. Raspberry Delight
    Tart raspberry that is tamed by just the right amount of sweet whipped cream.
  11. Strawberries & Cream
    Indulge in silky whipped cream over a bowl of perfectly ripened strawberries.
  12. World Of Watermelon
    An epic collision of juicy watermelons and fresh cream.
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