1. Banana Nut Bread
    Warm, soft, perfectly baked this comforting, all-day vape is the real deal! Banana Nut Bread is sweet, buttery, and fresh out of the oven.
  2. Caramel Tobacco
    Our familiar, rich tobacco is complimented perfectly by the sweet and smooth taste of flowing caramel.
  3. Crunch Berry
    Crisp, fruity, with a taste that's out of control! Crunch Berry is a sweet, milky vape with a delightful cereal crunchiness that will never fail to make you smile.
  4. Fruit Punch
    Sock it to me, baby, its Fruit Punch! A perfect medley of juicy tropical flavours; sweet, delicious, and perfect for any situation!
  5. Fruity Loops
    You know these delectable loops, that perfectly tangy taste! Fruity Loops is a soft, balanced, all-day vape with big flavour.
  6. Golden Tobacco
    A setting sun, red and low in the sky; this is the backdrop for our dark, honeyed Cavendish tobacco. A true classic!
  7. Melon Cream
    A rich, creamy sweetness, impossibly soft. The light, bright taste of fresh watermelon. How can these two unique flavours collide so perfectly?
  8. Melon Ice
    Melon Ice brings cool, icy refreshment to the mild and crisp taste of sweet melon. Often considered an unexpected favourite!
  9. Menthol Tobacco
    This remarkably icy, soothing experience brings to mind a green leaf and rich, flue-cured tobacco. Well-made and well loved, there's nothing else quite like it!
  10. Peppermint
    An old favourite, Peppermint has a delightfully sharp taste and a long-lasting finish. Be warned: like Kryptonite, it may become your greatest weakness!
  11. Strawberry
    After much trial and error, we captured the real taste of fresh, ripened strawberries! Soft and luscious, there is nothing like Strawberry to put you in a state of Zen.
  12. White Hot Chocolate
    Delicious warm frothy white hot chocolate, finished with a sweet candy cane and whip cream. Sinfully delicious!
  13. Yogurt and Berries
    A collection of full, freshly picked berries, mixed into a swirled masterpiece of creamy Greek yogurt. Truly a piece of heaven!
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