Vap Lab

  1. Le Thai-Ger
    Inspired by the legendary Sno-Kone flavour of the 1950s, Le Thai-Ger blends the sweetness of the carnival treat with some hints of authentic Thai coconut.
  2. Kool & la Gang
    Inspired by the quintessential menthol cigarette brand, Kool & la Gang blends delicious berry flavours with a menthol kick that leaves you wanting more.
  3. Key West
    Inspired by the wonderful favour of the Florida Keys, Key West captures all the delicious elements that make the perfect Key Lime Pie so irresistible.
  4. General Custard
    Inspired by the great general that fell at Little Big Horn, this is the leader of all Custards! Bold delicious buttery flavours lead the charge of General Custard.
  5. Cuculoupe Martini
    Inspired by the urban legend of the Cuculoupe, the mythical cross breed between a Cucumber and a Cantaloupe. Cuculoupe Martini’s delicious sweet, sour and salty flavour hits all the right notes and makes us wish the legend were true!
  6. Hawaii Royale
    Inspired by the flavours of the Polynesian island, Hawaii Royale, marries a blend of island flavours and tobacco that is in perfect balance. Much like the island that inspired it, this unique blend of flavours will leave you impatiently waiting for your next encounter.
  7. Casablanca
    Reminiscent of a balmy Casablanca night, Casablanca takes us deep into the flavours of Morocco. Hints of fresh mint, tea, and sweet tobacco really take you on a journey through the Mint Tea and Shisha laden streets of the Casablanca market.
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